Saturday, December 29, 2012

Family, Ancestry, and Genealogical Research
in Lanark and Carleton Counties.
Family Research : Price depends on the type of question the client would like answered on their family's past. Normally the rate is $25. The information is provided to you electronically, and includes pictures where applicable and sources. The most common questions for this price range are:
  • I have a lot and Concession number but don't know where that is, can you help?
  • OR
    My ancestors lived in this small town but I don't know where they are buried, can you check the cemeteries ?
    More detailed research will cost more. For instance:
  • Do you have any information on the Smith family ?
  • General questions require more sources and take more time; you will pay more and you will still receive quality work.
    I am a historical researcher, not a licensed genealogist. I have accumulated an extensive library over the years and would like to use this information to help you research your family tree.
  • Of Course you Pay Nothing if I Find Nothing!
  • Cemetery and Homestead Photo's - These usually run about $20 to $25 depending on distance and location. I take several photos so you can see the subject and the surrounding area.
    Headstone Cleaning - Once people see the state of their ancestors headstone they often want it cleaned. While some headstones hold up well over the centuries, others become illegible and that's what we don't want to happen. Pricing below includes Before and After pics and usually takes about 3 weeks. Price is : $25.00 for one side, and $15.00 for each additional side. Note: Some headstones are engraved on one side only, some are engraved on two, three or four sides..
    Send no money up front. I will inform you by email of the costs and send you an invoice when the project is finished.

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