Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pgs. 71 & 72 "History of the Ottawa Valley" Gourlay

A great swamp elm stood by against which they could lay their heads between the rots, and with leaves and moss make it tolerable. They go asleep and were awakened by the united vigorous crowing, in the hen roost of Mr. Nicholas Sparks, and starting with their bags at daylight, following the direction of the sounds, came out all right at last. The Government Hill and Ashburnham Hill, were then covered with hemlock , beech, and maple. The rest of the place was a deep swale, through which years after, when the cows waded along Bank and O'Connor streets, they hat to be washed before they could be milked.

We never heard why these distinguished colonists chose the banks of the Jock in preference to those of the Rideau or the Ottawa. They arrived in the middle of August at the Richmond landing, having left Quebec on the 28th of July, 1818, passing and saluting the fine man-of-war vessel at anchor, that had the Duke on board. Under Sergeant Hill, they organized to cut the road from the Flats, the place of their encampment to the Jock, ever since known as the Richmond Road. They kept within hailing distance of the river on their right hand until they reached the sandy hill, when the sight of the great bay directed them to the left, and at what was soon after, Bell's Corners; turned still more to the left till they struck the Jock, up which they kept their course till they reached the little falls, which Captain Lyons soon improved into a mill dam. The leaders of this Richmond colony were: Colonel Burke, Mayor Ormsly, Capts. Lyon, Lett, Lewis, Bradley, Maxwell, Surgeon Cullis; Lieuts. Maxwell, Bradley; Serts. Cunningham, Dempsey, Dunbr, Hill, McElroy, Spearman, Mills, Fitzgerals, Vaughan, with a long list of privates and a fes civilians, sucha as, Joseph Hinton, Edward Malloch, Hugh Falls. Mr. Graham and David McLaren; soldiers, S.. W. and T. McFadden, Donald Mathieson, Jonas Berry, M. Donaghue, James Greene, James Bearman, Wm. Lackey, John McGuire, Robert McMullen, Alexander McCasland, James Munce, D. Harrison, Wm. Copeand, Robert Birtch, Wm. Pender, John Withers, Pollock, McKinstry, Walsh, Murrays, Withers, Stanleys and Denisons were men of the line. Read and Enough were both teachers.

These were among the founders of the village and it's environs. Lots were set apart for churches, graveyards, manses, parsonages, squares or parks, al on a grand scale. Malloch was in the boot and shoe business, Hinton went to storekeeping , Malloch & Lyon

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